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Espiral is a group of teachers, technicians, researchers, students, and other organizations interested in promoting and applying information and communication technologies (ICT) to teaching. The organization was formed in 1989 as a working group within the Association of Information Science Technicians (ATI) and it has been an independent professional association since 1993.


  • To promote the interchange of opinions, experiences, and information among members. To provide information about courses, seminars, conferences, grants, and available resources.
  • To act as conduit to provide members with professional training and development opportunities.
  • To provide material and institutional support for research and development of teaching techniques and materials that utilize the new information and communication technologies.
  • Provide advice on the application of technology to teaching and to facilitate ongoing training in these technologies.
  • To collaborate with other organizations involved in the field of education and to facilitate communication between professionals and educators.

Members of Espiral    

      Teachers from all areas and grade levels interested in utilizing information technologies in teaching.

Information science technicians, researchers in the field of educational technology and designers of computer-based educational material.

University students studying Education.

Businesses and institutions involved in information technologies and education.

Contact information:

Centre de Tecnologies Ituarte - Fundació Joan XXIII

Av. M. D. Bellvitge
08907 L'Hospitalet
Tel. +34 93 364 49 00
Fax +34 93 364 49 09

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Postgrau UOC-Espiral


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